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Moving Towards Wellness A Perspective on Stress

If you are over 25, you have seen many drastic changes in society and its gifts of growth and dilemmas that have also come with it. In a world that has become more advanced, we have shrunk, and it seems that everyone can be close at hand but at the same time more distant. Many approaches to the social development of individuals have become more cumbersome in the wake of saturated influence streams on one's personal opinion of themselves. Families can be more connected, or are they? Years ago, at a family dinner, everyone focused on the food at the table, the conversation, and the next activity they did together. However, in the same scenario, everyone is constantly split, checking their phones and checking out on the family. They often miss out on the live memories that are simultaneously made, falling into the black hole of the algorithm. The tools we use in life help to shape our realities. It is safe to say that this is the case when we look at some of the technological tools we use today that help to introduce many stress factors into our lives, whether we realize it or not.

Technology's demand for attention is a risk that disrupts our healthy and balanced lives. For many, cell phones are the first thing looked at in the morning, even before we acknowledge those around us. Also, for most, they are the last thing they interact with at night. The behavior developed by this practice can lead to a decline in mental health, and the need to be 'always on' can be a powerful stress multiplier.

Don't get me wrong, technology and cell phones are not all bad, and the technology industry has tried to improve our mental health. With concerns of depression and anxiety, technology is trending in use with professionals for mental health care, with a deeper look into going beyond wellness and meditation apps and deeper into the psychology of the current upticks in these areas. Take back control over your life's algorithm, slow down what you are mentally putting in, and look up and cherish those around you.

Are you with me?

Loneliness has been at the center in many ways that have contributed to mental and emotional instability and has risen over the last few years. As human beings, we are wired to be a communal people connected to groups and tribes and interacting with one harmonious purpose of survival. It is essential navigating the use of technology that we are exposed to. But should we reprogram ourselves to be hermits in a room surrounded by peers? Life experiences will provide enough opportunities for us to feel disconnected without help.

So take a moment and put down the cell phone, turn off the gaming system, hug someone, have a great conversation, and laugh a little. Join a group based on physical activity; you will significantly benefit from the experience.

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