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Teach Me Mentality

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

An excerpt from "The Journey To Forge A Warrior"

There are many ways to look at this concept. Simply put, be eager to learn. Ok, I’m done with that subject. No, really it is a more complex notion. It is pretty easy to desire to pursue knowledge and attain a measure of understanding of a subject. However, it is hard many times not to allow ego to stifle your ability to gain true wisdom in an area.

 Life is about evolution in many aspects. What allows this is human nature which is one of exploration. Let's look at the medical field. When developing your skills in the many careers in medicine you spend years in study and that is just to receive your license to practice. This does not lessen your need to improve upon your understanding of a condition, new strain of a disease, or new technique of care.

This is essential to stay relevant in the field. This is relevant in many instances of life from how we communicate with each other to how we grow business in the Modern Age and also how we educate our children. It seems that there is always something new every day.

It is the same as martial arts, there are many styles of martial arts out there, and not every person is accepting of the value of every Style. So the need to have a level of self-understanding purpose and vision comes into play when training. What I love about the never-ending journey of martial arts training is the pursuit of perfection the one unattainable goal. And one-word refinement. This is approached in two ways by sharing knowledge and self-discovery, then repeating the cycle. But when our ego gets in the way we can't grow. If you reach out into the world with a closed fist, you can't take a hold of greater things or give back what you've received from life.

After having a great conversation with a good friend and fellow martial artist Wallace Bailey we agreed that people in general should always have a teach-me mentality. If more people would be able to listen partially to the opinions or theories of others more progress in many areas of life may be accomplished. Be open, you always have the right to agree to disagree with all that you are exposed to.

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