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Building Champions In Life

The NJ Federation of Full Circle Martial Arts' focus is to unify Martial Artists in New Jersey with a foundation of mutual respect for all Martial Arts systems and provide services and guidance to foster martial arts excellence, unity, and indomitable spirit. 

Vision Statement

​The NJ Federation of Full Circle Martial Arts is a world-class organization comprised of highly skilled and dedicated individuals to the way of real Moo Do (Martial Arts) rich in the tradition of excellence. We will provide our members with access to comprehensive support for personal development. We will always strive to empower our members and the communities they serve.

​Systems of Support

  • Consultation for the best practices for a professional website for all association members.

  • Instructor / Examiner Certification.

  • Coaching Training and Certification.

  • A National Headquarters with "decentralized" Martial Arts Programs and Leadership (Choson Academy FCMA).

  • With development, provide Local, Regional, National, and International Competition Programs and Events for all members of NJFFCMA.​​​

Benefits of Membership:

  • ·         International Programs for Technical, Philosophical, and Leadership Development in Tae Kwon Do, Hop Ki Do, Gumdo, Kickboxing, and Jiu-Jitsu.

  • ·         An  International Network of Martial Artists.

  • ·         "Highest Quality" Martial Arts Rank and Membership Certificates for the NJFFCMA Members.

  • ·         A Proper & Non-Political Promotion System for all Martial Artists.

  • ·         Technical, Administrative & Communication Assistance for Students and Instructors in Martial Arts

  • ·         High-Quality Training Books and Videos in Martial Arts.

  • ·         Internationally Competition Rules for "Sparring", "Self-Defense", "Kata", "Weapons" & "Grappling"

Values Statement

The NJ Federation of Full Circle Martial Arts is committed to effective communication; To promote continuous improvement and martial Arts excellence. With a high standard of ethics to ensure trust and teamwork. We strive to develop personal and organizational growth for all members.


By Skill Participation

World Class Martial Arts

(Gumdo- Sword Art)

2133 Macdade Blvd,
Holmes, Pennsylvania 19043

Ssang Soo Do Academy Of Martial Arts

Gumdo-Taekwondo-Hapkido-Jiu-Jitsu Team Conda RMNU

315 W Landis Ave Vineland NJ 08360

Karate Practice
Kendo Battle
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Blackbelt Breaking a Stack of Boards
Karate Belt



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