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Master Daniel Carey

 Master Daniel Carey, author of The Journey "To Forge a Worrier" and 5th Degree Black belt in Ko-yo-hand Kong-po was born and raised in Newark NJ. Growing up in many of the city's rough neighborhoods; he always had to defend himself from the elements of the city. For thirty-two years he became a practitioner of fighting arts. He has trained in many styles such as wrestling and boxing. In the mid-1990's, started his training in many traditional Korean martial arts. Such as Kumdo,  (Sword Art 5th Dan), Hop Ki Do (close quarters combat & weapons 5th Dan), Tae Kwon Do (The way of the hand and foot 5th Dan), Yudo (Korean form of Judo 1st Dan). Also Brazilian Jiu Jitsu( Brown Belt). His knowledge in martial arts has grown by the teachings of many of the world’s best in each one of the styles of martial arts. 

His lineage is as follows:


Grandmaster Dong Jin Kim 9th  Dan (Tae Kwon Do, Hop Ki Do, Kumdo) 
Grandmaster Gene T. Yeon  9th  Dan  (Tae Kwon Do, Hop Ki Do, Kumdo)

Grandmaster Sung H. Kim  8th  Dan (Hop Ki Do, Yudo)
Grandmaster Ki Sung Kim  9th  Dan (Hop Ki Do, Weapons)
Grandmaster Tae Byung Park 8th Dan (Hop Ki Do, Judo, Yong Moo Do)
Master Robson Moura 8x World Champion and 5th  Dan Black Belt (RMNU BJJ)


Master Daniel Carey is a great instructor who is always striving to evolve the teachings he has learned. Sah Boo Nim (Master) has a history of working with youth, from employment with Special Services School where he helped teens in alternative education. To tirelessly, working with the Juvenile Justice Commission of NJ with adjudicated youth to empower them to find themselves and work toward success in their lives and also having experience with working with Intensive Treatment Units. This knowledge and life experience have led Master Daniel Carey to be awarded the title of “Do Joo Nim,” meaning founder of the Ko Yo-Han Kong-po Kickboxing system also know as Full Circle Martial Arts (F.C.M.A). This system has been sanctioned by Grandmaster Gene T. Yeon as a true Moo-Do. Through which he hopes to help much more with being confident about themselves and discovering who they are. Master Daniel Carey has been instructing martial arts with great passion and humility for the last twenty years full time and is currently the Head Coach for the Rowan University MMA Club.

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