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The Process & The Goal = Success

Welcome to the aftermath of the same day everything, in today's society, we have been hijacked by the notion that we can have what we want when we want with great ease, and that should take president over everything, from food shopping delivered to your door to swiping left for a relationship. Instant weight loss diets, although we all know that is a farce, many still can not help themselves and have to try them.

The question is, when did we give up on the notion that hard work pays off? Is it possible that, as a species, we have become so pampered that the word hard is as terrifying as someone robbing you at gunpoint? I have to ask what is wrong with a bit of sweat equity. This process of understanding hard work applies to a physical endeavor and any goal you want to achieve.

I recently talked to someone in the age range of twenty who was very interested in cosmetology. I asked if she was in school, but they told me they had stopped going. They went on to inform me that they wanted to study one thing but had to learn something else first, but that is not why they were there and stopped going. As the conversation continued, I was in amazement at the effect that giving up on her goal had on her at this time. Now this young woman was unsure of her future, confused and searching for a path.

The problem, in my view, is a lack of understanding that everything we partake in has a process, and it is a fact of life that we can not escape. We can also identify a portion of entitlement in thinking you can have things your way when you want them. Yes, we can go to the store or order a cake online and enjoy it. We have had a cake, but if you desire the benefits of a homemade fresh cake, you must go through the steps of buying the ingredients. Then the actions of baking it, enjoying the smell in anticipation of its completion until you enjoy the finished product. Even when taking a more convenient route of receiving anything in this modern world of shopping and instant gratification, you still have a process that takes place so you can receive the order.

The danger, I say, is that we must consider how we develop good and bad habits. We are constantly programming and evolving; however, we can also program ourselves to self-destruct. There can be many details lost in skipping over steps in certain instances. Efficiency is an excellent trait, but it also develops and subjects itself to a process.

As we mature and strive to attain any goal, one aspect of growth is understanding the pros and cons of being impulsive. An old saying is, "There is a time and place for everything." Does this notion lose its value as a life lesson when we condition our society to have no patience for anything? How can we sustain healthy physical and mental wellbeings if we eat unhealthy things whenever we want, drink alcohol excessively when it pleases us, or punch people in the face when we get the urge?

Many of us do not think that our bodies rely on chemical releases in the brain that push us toward things to desire. Dopamine surges happen in our brains as we program our bodies to receive items as soon as we think of them, these cravings diminish the satisfaction of the reward, so we look for it all over again. This chemical reaction can result in developing an addictive personality type, unsuitable for making good decisions, making it challenging to break unhealthy habits.

Don't let this concept of the process be meaningless. Suppose we fall down the rabbit hole of instant gratification. In that case, we can quickly become detached from interactions with family and others or duties that now come second to our need for something in an instant. These types of behaviors have proven to lead to depression attributed to loneliness and also stress from being overwhelmed.

I am not saying you don't enjoy the convenience of today's world; I am suggesting prioritizing your efforts to be successful when comfort vs. more meticulous action is needed. You take the first step to get anywhere, but it does not stop there; you must take another.

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