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Why Sparring? A Martial Arts Lifestyle!

When someone chooses to embark on the martial arts journey, you will soon understand that you are not just learning to be a physical force but also cultivating a new lifestyle. In this new endeavor, you will find many layers to the experience. Different arts incorporate many skill drills and choreographed patterns called Poomse or Kata, depending on your martial art. However, the free expression of your development shows in its application in all martial arts; a component of the application of skills refers to sparring. For those who may not be familiar, it is usually a timed free, flowing combative round from 2 minutes to possibly 10 minutes, depending on the art and the skill level of the participants. This a moment of discovery and learning for students and instructors alike. It will also test your decision-making under fire and your mental and emotional fortitude.

Taking part in sparring is nothing to be afraid of, but having to defend yourself at some point and never being prepared for action is something to be very afraid of when you can not deal with the pressures. All instructors should push their students to spar in some capacity. Sparring can be hard to introduce at the time, but the nature of the student is there for you to cultivate, and they can be groomed safely at the academy with an attentive instructor.

As a parent, it is also hard to trust that your child will be safe, but if that is the case, maybe you are training at the wrong academy. Hopefully, you can trust that your instructor will ensure that all of the students will be challenged in truth and cared for while they are sparring. This experience is the same for adults as well. In conclusion, a student of martial arts should not shy away from sparring; that will be like trying to drive a car with no wheels. I have listed below some sparring gear that I recommend; I hope this helps your perspective on sparring. RDX Chest Guard RDX Shin & instep Guards

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