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  • Loyalty Plan

    Every month
    For students that have been training for 2yrs or more.
    • Silver Membership

      Every month
      Perfect for beginners
      Valid for 12 months+ 1 day free trial
      • One Martial Art of choice
    • Gold Membership

      Every month
      This membership includes two Martial Arts of choice.
      Valid for 12 months+ 3 day free trial
      • TKD or BJJ or Gumdo (pick one) & Kickboxing
    • Platinum Plan

      Every month
      All Inclusive Training
      Valid for 12 months+ 3 day free trial
      • Full Access to all Martial Arts classes
    • NJFFCMA Membership

      Every month
      Program Development
      • A Professional Website consultation for all Martial Artists.
      • Instructor / Examiner Certification.
      • Coaching Training and Certification.
      • A National Headquarters with "decentralized" Martial Arts
      • A Non-Political Promotion System for all Martial Artists
      • High-Quality Training Books and Videos in Martial Arts
    • BJJ Requirements

      Purple Belt BJJ Requirements
      • First Responder

        Every month
        Active Law enforcement & First Responders (EMT) & Military
        Valid for 12 months
        • One martial arts of Choice
      • Family Loyalty Plan

        Every month
        3 Member family who have been training more than 1yr.
        Valid for 12 months
        • 2 Per. Loyalty Plan

          Every month
          Loyalty plan for 2 people who have been training for 2yrs.
          Valid for 12 months
          • PT Family Plan 2 Mem

            Every month
            Limited 2 members who attend training part time.
            Valid for 12 months
            • Martial art of choice